What is CutView used for?

What is CutView used for?

Components can be calculated at an early stage already. In most cases, the fixture, tools and even the machine to be used are not yet specified exactly. Even the component may still be subject to changes. CutView can quickly and effectively address such a variable situation. A (pre)calculation can be made flexibly and quickly while at the same time providing high accuracy.

With CutView, machine manufacturers and tool manufacturers as well as production plants can do reliable advance calculations of times and costs. CutView includes: 

  • Preparation of quotations
  • Process documentation
  • Process optimisation (without machine downtimes)
  • Cost analysis, cost engineering
  • Sales promotion (tool and process comparison)

Data are filed in the MS Excel standardised OpenXML format and may therefore be used across systems. The process described forms the basis for varying evaluations at machine manufacturers, tool manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers and production plants and may be exchanged without any risk of transcription errors.

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