Machine manufacturer

Machine manufacturer scenario

Task: You receive a part production time inquiry for a component

1. Enter workpiece

Enter the machining contents quickly and precisely by using pre-defined machining cylces, e.g. gun drilling with pilot hole.

2. Configure the machine

Configure the machine by using the flexible machine configurator (kit). Select the assemblies according to their feasibility, for example from work spindles and tool changers.

3. Check out clamping variants

Prepare and optimise different process variants for the inquirer. Accurately calculate performance, torque and feed force and check for speed limitation. The part production time gives you an accuracy of 5%. (CutView customers have been in a position to guarantee this successfully for many years already). Using highly efficient tools such as "special copy" you may create different clamping variants with little expenditure, e.g. multi-clamping.

4. Exchange tool data

To design and calculate tools, you may electronically exchange the project with the tool manufacturer thus avoiding transcription errors.

5. Document results

Prepare a variety of documents such as an overview of the production lines to present to the prospective buyer.


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