Example: Crossmember

Horizontal machining centre


1. Enter machining contents


2. Workplan

The workplan shows a detailed list of all machining steps in the correct sequence. The orientation in the machine is described for every operation step e.g. rotary table position(s). In addition to the machining time, the result also indicates performance, torque and feed force. If speed limitations are exceeded, they are shown in red and the available machine data are indicated.

Multi-stage machining can be split up in any desired complexity and technologically compensated, also taking into consideration any simultaneous or subsequent meshing of different tool diameters.

Databases for materials, machines, tools and cutting data are available to the user, thus facilitating and speeding up the entry and calculation of processes.

Different clamping situations may be easily varied and calculated. This also includes multi-clampings on the same or a different fixture side as well as mirrored workpieces, e.g. for chassis parts.


3. Evaluation report
Evaluation report

Results may be documented additionally in an evaluation report. Summing up and comparing the process results allows an easy analysis of the calculated processes.

You may, for instance, compare the number of tools used with the number of required tool changes. It is optimal if the number of tool changes corresponds with the number of tools used.


4. CostPerPart

To calculate the manufacturing costs CutView offers a detailed identification of the tool costs. The standard size of the tools is extrapolated to calculate the requirements and costs for a production volume. This facilitates tool scheduling and allows the user to identify cost drivers, thus allowing him to optimise e.g. by using a different cutting material.


5. Tool comparison process
Tool comparison process

An optional process comparison compares alternative processes such as special tool versus standard tool and identifies cost differences. The break-even number of parts indicates when a variant is the more cost-effective option. The comparison can be made not only for different tool concepts but also for variable machine configurations.


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