Your optimum software for the calculation of part production times and costs

Your benefits

  • Fast and easy preparation of time studies
  • High accuracy due to consideration of all machine auxiliary process times, e.g. spindle runup
  • Exact calculation and checking of performance, torque and feed force
  • Efficient access to databases for materials, machines, tools and cutting data
  • Suitable for all types of machine tools, e.g. also multi-tasking machines and production lines
  • Machine configuration and clamping may easily be changed
  • In use at many machine manufacturers, tool manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers and production plants

Find answers quickly

Find your answer with only a few clicks

  • Is the work spindle sufficient for the machining job at hand?
  • How long does the workpiece take on a different machine?
  • Is a specific machine or machine type worth the investment?
  • How will it affect the machining time if the machining sequence is changed?
  • What is the situation if machining jobs are distributed on several machines?
  • What is the effect on the machining time if several workpieces are clamped?
  • What tools are required and what are the costs involved?
  • How many components are required to make the investment into a special tool profitable?

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